About Chitra

These days, getting beauty salon services have become one of the necessities of women’s lives. Beauty salon is a place where you spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life taking care of your appearance and personal health.

Today, due to the multiplicity of beauty salons, customers are not just looking to receive services, but the level of quality and the environment in which those services are provided, has become important for many women. Chitra is a special beauty center with a space mixed with the art of wood and plants and taking the advantage of Feng Shui principles under the management of Ms. Maryam Razandi-Ershadi, with the aim to transfer a sense of peace and convenience to its customers.

Being aware of the customer’s needs, Chitra tries to provide a pleasant and stress-free environment by establishing a relationship based on mutual trust. And by listening to the customers, it always tries to provide services even higher than the expectations of its customers.

In Chitra, paying attention to customers’ lifestyles is important, for this purpose, our services are personalized and provided to customers based on their taste and style. For instance, style of a young mother who has two children and has more limited time is different from a 20-year-old lady who prefers to feel like a fashion model.

Beside that, customer orientation is of special importance, because the success of a beauty salon depends on customer satisfaction and retention. Accordingly, the selection of employees in Chitra is not only based on individual skills but also considering their personality, behavior and work ethic is essential.

With the efforts of Maryam Razandi-Ershadi and benefiting from the 40 years of her mother experience, Ms. Mahnaz Kanaan, in the field of make-up and beauty salon management as well as the efforts of her sisters, Mercede and Morvarid, Chitra has been established.